Canada Is Formally Considering Full Drug Decriminalization For One Major City

Decriminalization would improve some things – making supervised use sites easier to set up, freeing up police and court resources, directing users to treatment instead of jail.

However, it would still funnel money from the unregulated drug supply into the hands of organized crime and a lack of quality control would continue to lead to preventable harm and deaths.

People like using drugs. Some people have problems with drugs. Nothing will ever change this.

Providing people with safe access to regulated, recreational drugs would solve far more problems than decriminalizing them.

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Thousands of Brazilians have taken to the streets for a second day to call for the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro : worldnews

Heh, it won’t happen. Bolsonaro’s approval is at a record low due to the combined crisis of the mutant Brazilian corona strain and the slow vaccination effort, but it’s still in the 26%-31% range depending on the poll. For sake of comparison, Dilma got to 9% until the Congress decided that ok, it was the right time to take the garbage out.

Also, he has been keeping the “CentrĂ£o” (Big Center) block happy in the Congress, and his enemy speaker of the house Rodrigo Maia is going out in a few days, probably to be replaced by Bolsonaro’s candidate, Arthur Lira – and Lira has already said that impeachment is a no-no.

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