Switzerland issues U.S. travel warning : worldnews

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Pay people 100,000 yen ($ USD 996) per baby they give birth to. : worldnews

With the pandemic having a negative impact on job and income security, Tokyo’s birth rate fell even lower in 2020. Only about 60,000 pregnancies were reported between April and October, roughly a 10-percent drop compared to that period the previous year.

Parents wouldn’t be handed a stack of cash at the hospital though. Instead, the program would award them with credit to be redeemed, via a website, for childcare items and services. The 100,000-yen amount was chosen after research showed that average hospital costs for having a baby in Tokyo are 100,000 yen more than for the rest of Japan.

This doesn’t sound like it will do much to help with the problem…

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Post-COVID lungs worse than the worst smokers’ lungs, surgeon says : worldnews

I’m youngish, healthy no worries if I get Covid but they confirmed a while back that it causes kidney damage in a regularly recordable amount of people that get over having Covid.
There has been other side effects too like erectile dysfunction in men (something to do with the fact it attacks your cardiovascular system) and now they say it could be long term ED from the damage. As a self interested male these things were enough of a concern to make me wear a mask everywhere.

I really like my lungs too, they make tons of fun things happen like biking and snowboarding, this is just one more reason to wear a mask, avoid people and get the vaccine when it’s available for me in the future.
Over confidence seems to be the biggest spreader of Covid for those that actually believe it’s real, maybe stop and think that you aren’t invincible, people around you might be idiots, and oh sex and breathing easy are both things you’ll really miss when they are gone and it’s much less of an inconvenience to just put on a mask.

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