Historian Lifts Lid Off Atrocities Against Uighur Muslims : worldnews

The comparison is so bad, we know history.

China in Xinjiang is wrong, but it is ASSIMILATION! China want Uighur to learn Chinese, and cannot be too religious, cannot separate.

Hitler do not try to assimilate Jews, the Jews are sent out of country and killed, it is always the goal. Hitler NEVER have some desire to assimilate Jews.

It is not like Hitler. The comparison must be stopped. What is similar? Only it is some prisons, but this is the only similar. This is like residential school in Canada, for example.

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More than two hundred Mexican oil workers at PEMEX have died from COVID-19 “Four workers share each bunk bed” : worldnews

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A veteran PEMEX engineer spoke to the World Socialist Web Site from the southeastern town of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, where an outbreak among 84 workers at offshore oil rigs, including 7 deaths, was first reported on April 13, compelling the company to begin providing daily COVID-19 reports.

Now, hundreds of workers and their loved ones are being sacrificed at PEMEX at the behest of the financial speculators profiting from Mexico’s oil sector, as AMLO continues the cost-cutting and privatization policies of his predecessors.

Workers at PEMEX and all across Mexico can confront the subordination of their safety and lives to the interests of Wall Street and its Mexican partners only by taking the response to the pandemic into their own hands and in opposition to all the pro-capitalist and nationalist trade unions and parties, including Morena.

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Chinese state media says the UK must suffer a ‘public and painful’ retaliation for its decision to ban Huawei 5G and become ‘America’s dupe’ : worldnews

Agree, we buy way to much of their shit and as western consumers China needs Europe, US , Canada, Australia, NZ, India etc to prop up its manufacturing economy, if China plays hardball just boycot chinese goods enmass. Thus would hit them very hard. We have mexico, india, Skorea, japan, german goods to step in on electronics, consumables and cars etc. We rely on china at our own detriment as thex blackmail an threaten countries.

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