Thousands of Orthodox Jews violate lockdown to attend funeral of prominent rabbi killed by coronavirus : worldnews

Hateful? Yes. Pretty normal for Redditors when people do something really stupid.

Racist? What race are we talking about here?

Anti-Semitism? May be. Most of what I saw was, "The members of this particular brand of this particular religion don't follow their own rules, let alone follow others." I haven't seen that this religion is bad or that people of this religion are less people. There's a possibility here, but I think it's marginal. It strikes me as "Those stupid religious nutcrackers". Which particular religion these particular nut jobs practice is controversial as I suspect the answers would be similar if a different religion were given.

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Over 5,100 arrested at pro-Navalny protests across Russia : worldnews

I would call them more anti-corruption protests than pro-Navalny (which it was). Either way, the largest number in Russian history after 1991. In 2011 protests were massive, but nowhere near as many arrests. Note that the entire center of Moscow has been blocked (unprecedented on this scale), the metro has been closed, entire streets have been blocked and widespread police violence has been used to reduce the number of protesters. Once they even crammed people into regular commuter buses. Around 80 journalists were arrested, some decent police officers who decided to join the protesters (one waving a gold toilet brush) and random boys, girls, men and women. But the masses are not afraid of the thugs, and the number of arrests is also a good indicator of the crowd – maybe 1 to 100. The regime is clearly afraid of the people and the protests, to go on and grow in size.
You can assume that Russia will soon decouple itself from the global internet, or at least block the main source of communication for protesters, Telegram.

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Myanmar’s military has detained leader Aun San Suu Kyi in a coup. Here’s what you need to know : worldnews

The military also repeatedly denied the election results. It claims, without producing any evidence, that there are more than 10.5 million cases of "potential fraud such as nonexistent voters" and is calling on the Election Commission to make the final poll data public.

No further comment required.

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