Pay people 100,000 yen ($ USD 996) per baby they give birth to. : worldnews

With the pandemic having a negative impact on job and income security, Tokyo’s birth rate fell even lower in 2020. Only about 60,000 pregnancies were reported between April and October, roughly a 10-percent drop compared to that period the previous year.

Parents wouldn’t be handed a stack of cash at the hospital though. Instead, the program would award them with credit to be redeemed, via a website, for childcare items and services. The 100,000-yen amount was chosen after research showed that average hospital costs for having a baby in Tokyo are 100,000 yen more than for the rest of Japan.

This doesn’t sound like it will do much to help with the problem…

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Post-COVID lungs worse than the worst smokers’ lungs, surgeon says : worldnews

I’m youngish, healthy no worries if I get Covid but they confirmed a while back that it causes kidney damage in a regularly recordable amount of people that get over having Covid.
There has been other side effects too like erectile dysfunction in men (something to do with the fact it attacks your cardiovascular system) and now they say it could be long term ED from the damage. As a self interested male these things were enough of a concern to make me wear a mask everywhere.

I really like my lungs too, they make tons of fun things happen like biking and snowboarding, this is just one more reason to wear a mask, avoid people and get the vaccine when it’s available for me in the future.
Over confidence seems to be the biggest spreader of Covid for those that actually believe it’s real, maybe stop and think that you aren’t invincible, people around you might be idiots, and oh sex and breathing easy are both things you’ll really miss when they are gone and it’s much less of an inconvenience to just put on a mask.

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Hong Kong emigration to Britain could mean $36 billion capital outflow : worldnews

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hong Kong residents leaving the city to move to the UK could trigger HKD 280 billion (US $ 36 billion) of capital outflows from the Asian financial center this year, according to a new report from the bank of America (BofA).

Beijing's move to enact a national security law in June last year prompted the UK to offer refuge to nearly 3 million Hong Kong residents who are eligible for British National Overseas (BNO) passports as of January 31.

From that point on, these residents can stay in the UK for five years. From that point on, if the requirements are met, they can apply for an agreement, and ultimately citizenship.

A study by the UK Home Office published last year estimated that 153,300 people from Hong Kong could come to the UK in 2021 when the immigration changes went into effect.

The BofA estimated that if departures sold a Hong Kong apartment for HKD 7.53 million ($ 971,224.41) – the average price in the Kowloon neighborhood – the outflow could reach HKD 280.2 billion in 2021 and their pension savings withdrawn.

Emigration could reach as many as 321,600 residents in the next five years from January last year, according to the study by the UK Home Office.

The number of emigrants is expected to decrease in the next four years, according to the interior ministry study. As a result, the BofA forecast that the impact of the departing population on the Hong Kong dollar would be less.

Overall, over a five-year period, BofA said the capital outflow from Hong Kong could reach HKD 588 billion (US $ 75.8 billion).

"Emigration-related capital outflows could help push USDHKD away from 7.75, the low end of the band," BofA strategist Chun Him Cheung said in the research note.

He said the capital outflow should not affect Hong Kong's short-term interest rates as liquidity remains high due to low lending rates around the world.

($ 1 = 7.7531 Hong Kong dollars)

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Sherpas successfully complete first winter summit of K2; Spanish climber killed : worldnews

This is the best I could do. original reduced by 68%. (I am a bot)

3 min Read.ISLAMABAD – A team of mountaineers from Nepal was the first mountaineer to successfully complete a winter attempt on the summit of K2, the second highest peak in the world, on Saturday.

The group of Sherpas had stopped at one point 70 meters from the 8,611-meter-high summit to wait for each other before they rose together in the history books of the world at 4:56 p.m. K2 is located on the Pakistani-Chinese border and is the only mountain over 8,000 meters that was not allowed in winter.

K2 was first climbed in 1954 by the Italian Achille Compagnoni and is known for its sleeping slopes and strong winds. In winter, its surface becomes smooth ice.

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Fresh protests in France against controversial security bill : worldnews

The protesters are also against the use of ramped up surveillance tools such as drones and pedestrian cameras.

Amid rising protests, Macron's ruling LREM party has announced that it will rewrite the controversial Article 24 of the Police Acting Act.

However, left-wing protesters and right-wing groups insist that the law be withdrawn entirely.

The "Marches for Freedom" were launched by an umbrella organization made up of Amnesty International and several unions, including journalists and film directors.

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