An alleged Saudi troll campaign is targeting a movie about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi : worldnews

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Uganda says president wins 6th term as vote-rigging alleged : worldnews

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KAMPALA, Uganda – Uganda’s electoral commission said Saturday that President Yoweri Museveni won a sixth five-year term, extending his rule to four decades, while top opposition challenger Bobi Wine dismissed “Cooked-up, fraudulent results” and officials struggled to explain how polling results were compiled amid an internet blackout.

The electoral commission said Museveni received 58% of ballots and Wine 34%, and voter turnout was 52%, in a process that the top United States diplomat to Africa called “Fundamentally flawed.”

While the president holds on to power, at least nine of his Cabinet ministers, including the vice president, were voted out in parliamentary elections, many losing to candidates from Wine’s party, local media reported.

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Israel is not a democracy but an “apartheid regime” that enforces Jewish supremacy over all the land it controls, a leading domestic rights group has alleged in a position paper bound to provoke fierce controversy. : worldnews

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Israel is not a democracy, but an "apartheid regime" that enforces Jewish supremacy over the entire country it controls. This has been claimed by a leading group on domestic rights in a position paper that is said to spark heated controversy.

B & # 39; Tselem's report goes on and claims that Israel created a system over the entire area in which Jewish citizens have full rights.

Under the agreements signed in the 1990s, the Palestinians in the West Bank have limited self-government, although B & # 39; Tselem said the Palestinian Authority is "still subordinate to Israel and can only exercise its limited powers with Israel's consent".

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Twitter removes post by Chinese US embassy casting alleged genocide as female empowerment : worldnews

The continued and overt politically motivated censorship by Western media is celebrated by useful Western idiots.


Meanwhile, there is still no trace of evidence to back up the Nazi-style propaganda lies against China and any piece of it allegedly "Evidence" has so far been exposed. Twitter declined to justify their reasoning, and the fact is they removed them because anti-Chinese ideologues reported them en masse.

But as always, when disinformation is spread about China, people won't care.

This post will be voted and reported en masse by paid western schills, and useful idiots will scold me and blind fire me, and not a single person will provide credible evidence. At best Someone is going to spam some exposed disinformation produced by US-funded propaganda organizations previously exposed as fraudsters like the WUC or HRW or the Western press, citing these fraudulent organizations (or discredited anti-Chinese conspiracy theorists like Adrian, "I'm up." a mission of God to destroy communism "(Zenz).

If enough radicals report me or this thread receives more than a few thousand positive votes and my comment is still visible, this sub will continue to block me and remove my comment so that the anti-Chinese disinfo campaign can continue. That's because the current US is Nazi Germany 2.0, making anti-communist disinformation a cornerstone of all public education. I guarantee it 100%.

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