Russian authorities launched a criminal probe into an ally of Kremlin foe Alexei Navalny after she went to the apartment of a man Navalny said took part in his poisoning. Investigators accused Lyubov Sobol of trespassing “with the use of violence or a threat to use it” when she rang the doorbell : worldnews

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Russian authorities on Friday opened a criminal investigation into an ally of Kremlin enemy Alexei Navalny after attempting to enter the home of a man whom Navalny said participated in his poisoning.

Sobol was initially taken on as a witness, but later on Friday Navalny's ally Ivan Zhdanov said she had become suspicious of the case.

The Russian Committee of Inquiry, which investigates serious crimes, said in a statement Friday that Sobol and several others tried repeatedly to enter "an elderly woman's apartment" in eastern Moscow, adding that they were wearing uniforms from the country's consumer watchdog.

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Pablo Escobar’s nephew finds $18 million of cash hidden in the drug lords apartment wall : worldnews

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He found 100 million, and reporter just a small chunk. Duh.

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Russia Seizes Kremlin Critic Navalny’s Apartment

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Russian authorities have seized Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny’s apartment days after he was discharged from German hospital where he was being treated for poisoning by Novichok, his spokeswoman said.

The court marshals’ seizure bans Navalny from selling, renting out or leaving the apartment in a will but does not mean he can no longer live there, Yarmysh said.

Yarmysh has said Navalny plans to return to Russia as soon as he recovers from the poisoning.

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