Policeman buys family food instead of arresting them for shoplifting : worldnews

apparently a very decent person. For me, however, this story accentuates the problems in society (Americans here but in general) – in a few days these people will be in the same situation and the next shoplifting or arrest will result. The solution isn't to help them buy groceries one day – he didn't talk about the cop from the story, he obviously did a great thing, but set it up so that people don't have to shop to eat, in one of the richest countries in the world, in the 21st century.

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Greta Thunberg slams China for arresting 17-year-old climate activist in Shanghai : worldnews

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Beijing (China), September 29: Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg hit out at China for arresting a 17-year-old climate activist in Shanghai, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday.

According to the South China Morning Post, Ou Hongyi, also known as China’s “First climate striker” was detained on Friday at the Shanghai’s main shopping district.

“We just went on the global climate strike day, with four people, advocates, on Nanjing Road which is a very symbolic place in Shanghai, and we are just arrested and interrogated for about two hours and I just came out of the police station,” she said in a video after her release, as reported by South China Morning Post.In a Twitter post, she said that she was forced to write a “Self-criticism letter”, a forced admission of guilt used by Chinese police to intimidate the activists.

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DHS Secretary admits to “proactively arresting” citizens with soldiers in unmarked vans based upon social media posts : worldnews

Here is the "article".

The lead actor for President Trump's controversial crackdown on racial protests boasted that his agents "proactively" arrested suspects while the White House was preparing to expand it to Chicago and elsewhere.

"Proactive" – ​​what does it mean before a crime is committed?

Chad Wolf, the current head of the Department of Homeland Security, claimed that he had the right to clear demonstrators from the streets, regardless of whether there was evidence of possible crime or not.

Right. "You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means." Citizens have rights. Federal personnel have permissions. This is not authorized.

"We have to go outside and proactively arrest people," Wolf said during an interview in Fox News. "And we have to do that because we have to hold them accountable."

Responsible for crimes not yet committed? It is a violation of a person's rights.

Wolf also vigorously defended Trump's claim that federal authorities have the right to unilaterally carry out law enforcement measures in cities, even if elected local and state authorities ask them to stay away.

He called it "ridiculous" to suggest that they should abide by the longstanding rules against involving federal troops in domestic law enforcement.

Again … there is this annoying authorization (or lack of)

"You have to hold individuals accountable," he said. "If we don't, we'll get what we see in Portland today."

I've seen peaceful protests. But then the storm trumpeters start beating people up for crimes they didn't commit. A group has the right to do what it does. The other group has no authorization.

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