Hundreds of landfills around the UK containing hazardous waste are located beneath green spaces, schools and housing. Experts say authorities are “setting themselves up for a large sequence of nasty surprises” if the toxic substances were to escape. : worldnews

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Hundreds of landfills across the UK containing hazardous waste are located under green spaces, schools and homes. An analysis of official data has shown.

Experts say the definition of hazardous waste has also changed, meaning that some sites that are classified as non-toxic may contain substances that are now considered hazardous.

Of the 413 landfills, the content of which is unknown to the environmental authority, six are under schools and ten under playing fields, 75 under living space and 26 under parkland.

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‘Zombie’ greenhouse gas lurks in permafrost beneath the Arctic Ocean : worldnews

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In their new study, published December 22nd in the journal Environmental Research Letters, the team attempted to compile a comprehensive picture of underwater permafrost using all piece-wise data currently available. They also asked 25 permafrost scientists to use their expertise to estimate how much organic carbon is hidden in each specific layer of underwater permafrost.

Experts expect greenhouse gas emissions from underwater permafrost to rise over the next 300 years if carbon emissions from human activities continue as usual.

If emissions increased in the course of the 21st century, permafrost would release four times more greenhouse gases than if emissions decreased at the end of this year and reached net zero by 2100.

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Stolen First Editions by Galileo, Newton Discovered Beneath Floor in Romania : worldnews

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According to a Metropolitan Police Service statement, the 200 books stolen included first editions of works by Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, scientist Sir Isaac Newton and Spanish painter Francisco Goya.

Per the statement, police discovered the trove of books-neatly wrapped and buried in a cement pit-beneath a house in Neam?, a county in eastern Romania, last Wednesday.

The collection of stolen manuscripts belonged to three separate book dealers, reports Victoria Ward for the Telegraph.

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Thousands of Rare Artifacts Discovered Beneath Tudor Manor’s Attic Floorboards : worldnews

It’s all about the rats.

“Among the discoveries are the nests of two long-gone rats that built their homes out of scraps of Tudor and Georgian silks, wools, leather, velvet, satin and embroidered fabrics, reports Mark Bridge for the Times.

The critters also repurposed roughly 450-year-old fragments of handwritten music and parts of a book. A builder recently found the rest of the volume—a relatively intact 1568 copy of Catholic martyr John Fisher’s The Kynge’s Psalmes—in a hole in the attic.”

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