Terrorist who murdered three members of LGBT community in ‘brutal’ Reading attack gets whole life sentence : worldnews

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Khairi Saadallah, a Libyan refugee, pleaded guilty to three counts of murder after killing James Furlong, David Wails and Joseph Ritchie-Bennett in Forbury Gardens on 20 June last year.

In his sentencing remarks, Mr Justice Sweeney said he was sure that Saadallah had been trained to fight for the extremist group Ansar al Sharia in Libya – and had lied about his role in the group when he applied for asylum in the UK. The judge said the knife Saadallah bought for the attack “Was chosen with care to ensure the maximum likelihood of swift fatal injury each time it was used”.

Just 10 days after leaving prison in June last year, Saadallah searched online for “Is corona a sign of the end of the world?” and looked at images of people sitting around Forbury Gardens, where he would later launch his attack.

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Many Syrians forced from their homes by their country’s brutal, decade-old war are now shocked to discover that their family farms have been taken over by regime loyalists and cronies. The government has staged auctions to effectively “confiscate” fertile land and punish opponents : worldnews

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Rights groups and legal experts say local authorities have held auctions in parts of northwest Syria that have been recaptured by government forces in an attempt to effectively "seize" fertile land and punish opponents.

"The land auctions use the displacement for economic benefit," said Diana Semaan, Amnesty's Syria researcher.

According to Judge Anwar Mejni, a member of a UN committee tasked with overseeing the drafting of a new Syrian constitution, the land auctions are "a kind of punishment".

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Cyber-attack is brutal reminder of the Russia problem facing Joe Biden : worldnews

The troubled 2016 "meddling" claims are apparently being updated in 2020 in the form of "hacking," and nobody cares that neither was supported by any evidence, unless you count a few Russians who buy ads on Facebook . It's not Russia or China that is the problem, the problem lies in the stubborn attitude of the American public, who gulps down without question whatever media – like Guardian – throws on their plate. You haven't learned from the numerous cases, from Tonkin Bay, Iran Contra, the now famous Weapons of Mass Destruction case, to NSA & Clapper, to Snowden incidents that means Putin is a nice guy who wouldn't do something like that, but the people who run this country are, and have been, known for not being honest with the public. At least that should be done when it comes to a government that claims that. Something with such serious setbacks, and especially one that has been caught so many times in the act, is to ask for evidence. Still, the public, or the part that is still paying attention, seems more and more willing to join the "Burn the Witch" choir when everyone sets in a similar incident. When do you plan to learn the lesson?

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