9,000 children died at ‘brutally misogynistic’ homes for unmarried mothers in Ireland : worldnews

I wonder how many children were birthed against their mothers wishes because “God loves the unborn” and then tortured to death in those same homes.

“There was very little respect for illegitimate children at the time – there was a lot of neglect of the babies. I believe with a little bit of hygiene and a little bit of care, a lot of the babies could’ve been saved. It screams of pure neglect.”

Yep. Exactly. Just allow abortion.

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Mother Of 6 Brutally Murdered In Shomron Forest (West Bank) : worldnews

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A 52-year-old mother of six, who lives in Tal Menashe in Shomron, was found dead in the Reichswald overnight on Sunday with signs of violence on her body.

The search continued for hours, with volunteers from the Samaria-Jordan Valley Search and Rescue Squad among the Yehudah Shomron Police, IDF, Border Police, a K9 unit and civilian volunteers.

"A dear woman, so full of kindness and helpful to others, went out in the afternoon to exercise for a minute from her home in central Israel and is being murdered in such cruel ways by barbarians," said Shomron Regional Council head Yossi Dagan, on Monday morning.

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How China is brutally eradicating Uighur Muslims from Xinjiang : worldnews

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The People’s Republic of China is at present concerned in a brutal set of practices in its Xinjiang province that many main human rights teams and specialists have termed because the tried ethnic cleaning of Uighur Muslims.

Uighurs residing there have additionally referred to Xinjiang as East Turkestan and have claimed that the area ought to be autonomous of China.

The alleged improve in measurement and variety of re-education camps in Xinjiang round 2017 can also be supported by a rise in construction-related spending on security-related amenities in Xinjiang.

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Video shows ducks sold by major UK supermarkets ‘brutally shackled on electric waterbath lines and dragged by wings’ : worldnews

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