Israel building 800 new settlements which are considered illegal by international law. : worldnews

I don’t understand how every article says it’s considered ILLEGAL by international law. And it is recognised as illegal by the UN but nothing is being done about it. If it was another middle eastern country it would be another easy excuse to invade it.

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Prince Harry is building community kitchens around the world with Chef Andrés’ World Central Kitchen : worldnews

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An Archewell spokesperson confirmed to that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have entered into a philanthropic partnership with the World Central Kitchen charity to fund the construction of four special Community Relief Centers around the world.

Ending hunger and achieving universal food security is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, over 690 million people worldwide are currently undernourished.

The Sussexes' past experiences in community restoration make Archewell the perfect choice for World Central Kitchen, which not only provides immediate famine relief in national disasters, but also uses groceries to empower communities and strengthen the local economy.

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North Korean plant may be building nuclear components, report finds : worldnews

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A North Korean facility originally suspected of being a uranium enrichment site could actually produce components for nuclear weapons, according to an independent research report released on Friday.

This is due to the fact that North Korea has repeatedly denied having secret nuclear sites, which contributed to the failure of talks at a Hanoi summit in 2019 between the North Korean head of state.

Last month, a South Korean official told Reuters that North Korea was building two new submarines.

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