The mother of a nine-year-old boy with a rare and severe form of epilepsy has told how she fears her son could die after the government announced his supply of a life-changing cannabis medicine from the Netherlands would stop because of Brexit.

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Tel Aviv Stock Exchange launches cannabis index : worldnews

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The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange launched on Monday a new index for nine medical cannabis companies in an effort to boost trade in the burgeoning, yet not quite mature, sector.

The new index includes nine companies that are “Primarily engaged in the fields of research, cultivation, sale or production and marketing of medical cannabis products”, the stock exchange said.

One high-profile player in the field of cannabis legislation in Israel is Hagit Weinstock, an attorney specializing in cannabis regulation who co-founded the Tel Aviv-based Weinstock-Zehavi & Co. law firm, and a member on a number of government committees that are working to advance legalization efforts.

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