India blocks mobile internet at sites of farmers’ protest. India blocked mobile internet services in several areas surrounding Delhi on Saturday as protesting farmers began a one-day hunger strike after a week of clashes with authorities that left one dead and hundreds injured. : worldnews

The other person corrected you, and you’re right, its hard to know which mainstream Indian news sources are biased if you’re not familiar.

I’d recommend following some social media activists (you can start with or sikhexpo if you don’t have Indian friends) and see what news sources they’re sharing to see what the other side is.

India’s free media rating is very low. The fact that they said the Nishan Sahib was the khalastani flag is an egregious error, one that only the trashiest newspapers would usually be able to get away with where there is more free media. Unfortunately sikhs only make up 2% of the population and a lot of Indians won’t know the difference so they spread this news.

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Hundreds of agricultural workers were maintaining a blockade of the key Pan-American Highway in the north of Peru on Thursday to protest against the death of three people in clashes with police. The workers are demanding an increase in wages

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