MPs call for social media code of conduct : worldnews

I've said it before, I'll say it again

If you disagree with wat twitter tell me a solution that can prevent further escalation.

The fact is there aren't any. Wat Twitter was pretty much the best option they had. All other options are either insufficient, like the labels on Twitter and Facebook, or require government intervention, which Twitter does not have the authority to do.

Will this set a bad precedent? Possible. I just hope that the government will step in soon and make sure that Twitter does not abuse that power and that Twitter and other social media have no reason to use it anymore.

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SolarWinds hackers accessed Microsoft source code : worldnews

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In a blog post, Microsoft said the investigation into the SolarWinds violation revealed anomalies with a "low number of internal accounts" and one of the accounts "was used to view source code in a number of source code repositories." The account could not change the code.

Changing the source code – which Microsoft said the hijacked account couldn't do – could potentially have catastrophic consequences, but experts said that even being able to review the code could provide hackers with insights that could help them find Microsoft products or services to undermine.

"The source code is the architectural blueprint for creating the software," said Andrew Fife of Cycode, a source code protection company based in Israel.

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Social gatherings banned, non-critical businesses closed as all of Manitoba moves to Code Red : worldnews

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The shift comes one day after Roussin announced 365 new cases, three deaths, a record provincial test positivity rate, and record numbers of COVID-19 patients in hospital and in intensive care.

Manitoba’s test positivity rate Monday was a record high 9.5 per cent; it was 9.3 per cent in Winnipeg; and it was over four per cent in the Prairie Mountain Health region in western Manitoba, Roussin said.

Manitoba announced several more care home outbreaks in Winnipeg facilities on Monday after a weekend when there were several deaths and numerous 911 calls at Maples Long Term Care Home.

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