Terrorist who murdered three members of LGBT community in ‘brutal’ Reading attack gets whole life sentence : worldnews

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Khairi Saadallah, a Libyan refugee, pleaded guilty to three counts of murder after killing James Furlong, David Wails and Joseph Ritchie-Bennett in Forbury Gardens on 20 June last year.

In his sentencing remarks, Mr Justice Sweeney said he was sure that Saadallah had been trained to fight for the extremist group Ansar al Sharia in Libya – and had lied about his role in the group when he applied for asylum in the UK. The judge said the knife Saadallah bought for the attack “Was chosen with care to ensure the maximum likelihood of swift fatal injury each time it was used”.

Just 10 days after leaving prison in June last year, Saadallah searched online for “Is corona a sign of the end of the world?” and looked at images of people sitting around Forbury Gardens, where he would later launch his attack.

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The victims were from the minority Shiite Hazara community. Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, condemned the attack as a “cowardly inhumane act of terrorism.” : worldnews

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Attackers in southwest Pakistan have killed at least 11 workers in a remote coal mine, officials said on Sunday.

The victims came from the Shiite Hazara minority, Khalid Durrani, a government official, told French news agency AFP. The Islamic State extremist group later assumed responsibility for the attack that took place in the mountainous Machh area of ​​Balochistan Province.

In a tweet, Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the "murder of 11 innocent miners in Machh" as a "cowardly inhuman act of terror".

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Sikh community prepares 800 meals in 2 hours to help stranded lorry drivers in Dover, Kent. : worldnews

I hate most religions, but you can never really get angry with Sikhs. You help so much in the community. Not just your own, but everyone who needs help will be there with bells. Even a Sikh family helped me move in when they saw me fight. I made tea for myself that evening. Couldn't have met a nicer family!

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Prince Harry is building community kitchens around the world with Chef Andrés’ World Central Kitchen : worldnews

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An Archewell spokesperson confirmed to BAZAAR.com that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have entered into a philanthropic partnership with the World Central Kitchen charity to fund the construction of four special Community Relief Centers around the world.

Ending hunger and achieving universal food security is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, over 690 million people worldwide are currently undernourished.

The Sussexes' past experiences in community restoration make Archewell the perfect choice for World Central Kitchen, which not only provides immediate famine relief in national disasters, but also uses groceries to empower communities and strengthen the local economy.

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