Filipino women reacted scornfully to President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement country’s top leadership role was “not for women” because they were emotionally different than men, deriding the 75-year-old for ignoring contributions of women leaders and furthering already-prevalent sexism in country. : worldnews

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Duterte said on a television program Thursday that his own daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara "Inday" Duterte-Carpio, should run for the presidency.

On Duterte's basis, his recent comments on women – including his daughter – running for president "Seems like fatherly advice, they would even look at him and say he was a good father."

Senator Leila de Lima, who won international awards for her campaign against extrajudicial murders in the Philippines but was jailed by Duterte in February 2017 on alleged drug charges, said in a statement released from her prison cell: "Did this Duterte get enough sleep or get it he was bitten by mosquitoes in his mosquito net? Because he attacks women every time he is deprived of sleep. "

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Spain’s Labor Inspectorate forces Amazon to give 4,000 false freelancers work contracts. The online retail giant will also have to pay €6.16 million in Social Security contributions that were not paid while the staff were providing delivery services to the multinational. : worldnews

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Spain’s Labor Inspectorate has forced Amazon to give contracts to 4,056 delivery drivers that the online retail giant had working in Madrid and Barcelona as false freelancers, according to sources familiar with the investigation and from the UGT labor union.

The battle against self-employed workers being used by companies for positions that should involve a regular work contract and the corresponding conditions has become one of the most important elements of the work being carried out by the Labor Inspectorate in recent years.

The Labor Inspectorate has been cracking down on companies that use self-employed workers for positions that should involve a regular work contract and the corresponding conditions.

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