Nasal spray that ‘stops coronavirus’ could be in shops by summer after being developed in Birmingham : worldnews

The Englishman here, wanting more than most people to get through this COVID pandemic, decided to try this new nasal spray and donate my results to the common good. I found that the first time it was used it left a pungent mint taste that instantly cleared my nasal passage and safely eliminated the virus. The day after I noticed that I was feeling a lot better than before the spray was introduced, I found that I could breathe in through my nose much sharper and longer, and the mint taste was getting weaker with the hour. On the third day, I found that my nostril uptake was so strong that I could sniff whole coke crystals without having to cut and align them. This was a win. By the fourth day I managed to snort my father in his entirety.

So I would definitely recommend it! Courtesy RAID: Shadow Legends.

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The combined wealth of 10 men increased during the coronavirus pandemic by $540bn (£400bn), Oxfam has found. This amount would be enough to prevent everyone in the world from falling into poverty because of the virus and pay for a vaccine for all, the NGO said. : worldnews

Just last week the Fed printed $ 396 billion. This is an increase in shareholder wealth (these 10 wealthy people got richer due to the increase in stock value) due to money pressures. The current state financial system (central bank) causes the rich to get richer while the poor are left behind.

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