Supporters of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny were set to stage fresh protests in Moscow and across Russia on Sunday for a second straight weekend despite a sweeping crackdown on his allies and the near-certainty of a confrontation with police : worldnews

Socialism and market capitalism were never implemented in Russia. Almost all socialist improvements, such as the 8-hour workday, free education and others, were either postponed or revoked shortly after their declaration. With one notable exception – equality for women. Free market capitalism actually existed in Yeltsin for three months, and then the process of its dissolution began.

It doesn't matter what you call the dictatorship, it's still dictatorship.

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Navalny’s Supporters Head To Protests Despite Looming Crackdown : worldnews

Videos of the protests can be found on Navalny's Twitter here:

Edit: Updates can be found via # 23января and # 23январяЗаСвободу and #Navalny and # Навальный

A small but conscientious group of Russians in Melbourne has come to protest Here

People in Yakutsk (northeastern Russia, near the Arctic) protest against Navalny's arrest. In -58F / 50 ° C. Video Here

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Eleven more arrested in Hong Kong’s national security crackdown : worldnews

Ironically the parties who have good housing policy (taxes on empty housing, stopping property developers from hording land and reducing the amount of property foreigners can buy as off shore assets) are the pro-democracy parties who are all getting arrested.

There is a reason the property developers and major land owners are so against democracy.

China promised democracy by 2021 (the original date was 2007 and has been pushed back 5 times) so hopefully this year is the year they can finally start to fix the housing crisis.

People are getting impatient though and if democracy doesn’t come this year then I worry protests will return after COVID (which is the reason they stopped) and will only continue to grow each year.

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China plans further Hong Kong crackdown after mass arrest by delaying and changing rules for elections : worldnews

The Chinese official said Beijing remains concerned that, given continued public support, the opposition could still win a majority in the legislature if the elections continued.

Chinese officials are now discussing ways to change the electoral system to address "flaws" in the political structure, and the elections could be further delayed.

Elections are scheduled for September 5 in Hong Kong and officials are working to ensure an open, fair and honest vote, he added.

Chinese definition of one "open, fair and honest survey"::

one that delivers the given result.

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