India proposes law to ban cryptocurrencies, create official digital currency : worldnews

It was a good time dreaming of getting rich in cryptocurrency. I was almost thinking about verifying my identity and raising money on Binance to buy Dogecoin and others.

Now an official government crypto coin will be marked with a nationalist symbol, the price of which will be "totally un" controlled by government agencies in order to "not transfer corruption funds at all". They will "totally not" control the ownership and use of the currency by others, and if someone whistles against the nation's official cryptocurrency, they will be "totally un" anti-national and jailed without bail. So much for this demonstration and the fight against corruption, sigh.

This official crypto news came just days after China's official e-yuan cryptocurrency. Lmao, this is just a copycat. Just like when India banned Chinese apps in the name of security but then joined a few days later Five eyes sophisticated backdoor access to people's personal end-to-end chats.

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UK students create 3D-printed coral structures that could rebuild world’s damaged reefs : worldnews

No, the idea is to at least read a couple of lines of the article before spewing random nonsense.

Literally the second line of the article.

The project, called CalcifEXE, uses genetically modified bacteria to make calcium carbonate, which can then be shaped into coral “backbones” using a 3D printer.

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Mexico’s eventual cannabis legalization could create immense change for citizens, global market : worldnews

As someone who lives in a legal state (WA,USA) it really isn’t like that. At first it was super expensive but as production increased prices dropped. It’s actually cheaper than the black market was before legalisation now. If Mexico gets to export I would expect to see prices drop further.(assuming that the US makes it legal at the federal level)

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Japan to create first wooden satellites that completely burn up on re-entry to eliminate space junk : worldnews

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