China Has Stolen The Personal Data Of 80% Of American Adults: Report : worldnews

I cant say much, but one of the methods is a very simple one – by mails. Lets say you have 3TBs of data that need to get transferred. Just shove it to a disk drive and ship it across the globe. Nobody will notice and if somebody stumbles into one, its garbage because you can encrypt it. A more “express” derivative of this method is shipping via diplomatic channel, nobody can touch your goods. It beats your average internet speed by a lot. But you need to have operatives does the dirty work directly, not just sitting in a basement half across the world.

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Database leak exposes data of probably all population of Brazil, including dead person : worldnews

The Ministry of Health’s website stored the encoded access credentials to the database of personal information in its source code, reports Estadão. However, the login and password were encoded using Base64, a method that can be easily decoded. Given that you can look at any website’s source code with a keyboard shortcut or by accessing it in a menu, potentially anyone could have found these encrypted credentials and, if they were savvy enough, decoded them to then access the personal records of Brazilians.

There is no mention of if it actually happened

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Grindr faces $11.7 million fine in Norway for breach of data privacy : worldnews

The European fines are much more efficient than the American ones. The fine Grindr receives is 10% of their global sales – not profit, sales. For most companies, your profit is never as much as 10% of your sales, so Grindr will have some pretty disgruntled investors who won't see any payouts this year.

Now imagine that the data protection authorities of other countries come to the conclusion that Grindr has violated the data protection law against their citizens and decide to also punish 10% of their worldwide revenues.

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