Astronomers just discovered the oldest and most distant galaxy ever : worldnews

The ancient galaxy GN-z11 likely formed just 420 million years after the Big Bang, when the Universe was just three percent as old as it is today. Such an age would place this family of stars near the edge of the observable Universe. This galaxy formed at the dawn of the era of reionization when light first filled the Cosmos. Many Astronomers hypothesise life may have at one point existed on the planet, but has since died off.

What really happened is that they (the inhabitants of GN-z11) observed earth a few weeks back, packed up shit, and left for a new rock.

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China hits city of 11 million with tight restrictions as more than 100 COVID cases discovered : worldnews

Shijiazhuang, my home town, the capital city of Hebei province, 300km away from Beijing.

Most famous for its Melamine milk powder company which draw public attention in 2008.

My girlfriend in government has worked over time for 3 days. The government plan to test everyone in the city, in a very short time.

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