Scottish Parliament to hold vote on Unexplained Wealth Order into Donald Τrump’s finances

The shocking part about this story isn’t that the Scottish gov’t hasn’t yet voted on this, but rather that this is at least the third fucking time Sturgeon has to be pushed to do this by members of her gov’t.

What the F is she waiting for

If Trump fraudulently acquired the properties, or used them to launder money, then seize them and sell them.

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Iran, China to continue fight against Donald Trump, officials as private citizens : worldnews

I doubt the US will do anything. It would set a precedent that the elite would not want as nobody is innocent. There is already a long precedent in which presidents get away with things, and no matter how angry people are now, there is also a precedent in which citizens forget what those presidents did.

George Bush is a good example and Dick Cheney. Nobody cares anymore about chasing them.

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As Donald Trump exits, QAnon takes hold in Germany : worldnews

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In the group he calls himself Connectis, but outside of his newly discovered digital identity, he is the managing director of a real estate company near the capital Berlin.

The messages within the group were shared by some of Germany's best-known conspiracy theories and far-right influencers, such as well-known former news presenter Eva Herman, whose network reaches more than 170,000 users.

According to the QPatrioten24 chat, group members were also present at the attempted breakthrough of the Reichstag building in Berlin last year.

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