Belgian police break up 52 person orgy in a house next door to a Covid clinic : worldnews

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Belgian police break up 52 person orgy in a house next door to a Covid clinic : worldnews

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Canadian Government quietly made ‘back door’ agreement with U.S. that could undermine treaty on plastic waste. Campaigners, scientists say Trudeau government showed ‘bad faith’ by using loophole on plastic waste : worldnews

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Experts on plastic waste say it runs counter to the spirit of the Basel Convention on plastic waste and appears to be designed to allow Canada to evade its obligations.

Kelly said the U.S.-Canada deal “Affirms” that “Waste moving between Canada and the U.S. is managed in an environmentally sound manner.” When pressed on the meaning of the word “Affirms,” however, Environment Canada conceded that the agreement with the U.S. is not legally binding.

Although the Trudeau government has portrayed itself as a global leader in the struggle to control plastic waste, Canada is one of just three countries among the 188 Basel signatory nations that have yet to ratify the plastic ban amendments.

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Philippines shuts door on new coal power proposals

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…. MANILA: The Philippines has stopped accepting new proposals for coal-based power projects to encourage investment in other energy sources like natural gas and renewables, the government’s energy chief said on Wednesday.

Coal is set to remain the dominant power source for years to come with the coal-based projects already in the works and proposals already submitted to the government not covered by the moratorium, Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi said.

A rash of approvals for coal-fired power plants in recent years has boosted coal’s dominance in the country’s power mix, accounting for 41 per cent of capacity last year, when the country’s overall installed power capacity stood at 25,531 megawatts, Department of Energy data showed.

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