Humanity is still closer to apocalypse than ever, experts say : worldnews

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Black women still four times more likely than white women to die in pregnancy or childbirth in UK and women from Asian ethnic backgrounds face twice risk. Data shows slight narrowing of divide but experts say statistically insignificant and not sign of progress. : worldnews

My sister has a similar experience in Ireland, white Ireland and a white woman.

For me, i don’t want to believe those in control of our health are racist, I’ll accept it given objective data.

For now, i want to put to down to stress, being over worked and just maybe a bad doctor.

Fyi. Glad to hear all went well.

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Hundreds of landfills around the UK containing hazardous waste are located beneath green spaces, schools and housing. Experts say authorities are “setting themselves up for a large sequence of nasty surprises” if the toxic substances were to escape. : worldnews

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Hundreds of landfills across the UK containing hazardous waste are located under green spaces, schools and homes. An analysis of official data has shown.

Experts say the definition of hazardous waste has also changed, meaning that some sites that are classified as non-toxic may contain substances that are now considered hazardous.

Of the 413 landfills, the content of which is unknown to the environmental authority, six are under schools and ten under playing fields, 75 under living space and 26 under parkland.

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