Indian government builds cement barrigates around Protesting farmers to choke water and food supplies : worldnews

This Modi government is as corrupt as it comes. The government is privatizing everything I have no problem with, but selling it to friends for a few cents for a dollar. These billionaires get richer while the poor lose all protection. Meanwhile, the cheering supporters are worse than the MAGA henchmen

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India cuts Internet near Delhi as hundreds of farmers begin hunger strike : worldnews

I'm worried about that too. They turned public opinion against Sikhs and identified it as the "Khalistani" protest. BJP will control the narrative and the media houses will publish selective news and the already pro-Hindu population with hatred of minorities will get angrier.

I hope the pawns win, but I don't see it at all.

India is in a very dangerous crisis and they need to be voted out quickly, but they will not. Another 5-8 years BJP and his game for India before 2014

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