Investors in breached software firm SolarWinds traded $280 million in stock days before hack was revealed : worldnews

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Top investors in SolarWinds, the Texas-based company whose software was compromised in a major Russian cyberattack, sold millions of dollars in shares in the days leading up to the intruder exposure.

Silver Lake, a Silicon Valley investor with a history of high-profile tech deals like Airbnb, Dell, and Twitter, sold $ 158 million in SolarWinds shares on December 7, six days before news of the breach was released.

The compromised SolarWinds product Orion grossed approximately $ 343 million in the first nine months of this year, 45% of the company's total revenue for that period, the company said in a US securities filing filed Monday.

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Investors in breached software firm SolarWinds traded $280 million in stock days before hack was revealed : worldnews

It seems they knew which way the solar winds were blowing.

ETA: These rich fucks don’t give a fuck about any of us. They likely delayed time between finding out about and announcing the hack just so some of these rich fucks could get their money out. They don’t care that this breach might fuck up government systems, endangering people, they want their money. It’s Covid all over again. Let everyone think this virus is nothing to sneeze at while we plunder the market. This whole country should be able to get behind increased prison sentences for white collar crimes and increased resources for the agencies that regulate financial laws investigate shit like this.

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Controversial ‘spy tech’ firm Palantir lands £23m NHS data deal : worldnews

The government’s furtive conduct around the datastore once again exposes a lack of respect for the views of the citizens who fund the NHS. And it raises real concern about recently revealed plans for a radical ‘shake-up’ of the NHS, currently understood to be in development under a political unit in Downing Street. What will that mean?

Healthy democracies hold their leaders accountable. The government snuck through the Palantir deal to avoid scrutiny or debate. But the result will be quite the opposite.

We’re now assessing the grounds for a more ambitious legal challenge: to establish a precedent that will stop them ever doing this again. From Freedom of Information failings to the blacklisting of journalists to the ‘chumocracy’ that has defined the chaotic, failing COVID response, the secrecy, cronyism and lack of accountability we’ve seen from the UK government this year cannot become the new normal. And we’re going to make sure it isn’t.

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Several tech giants, including Microsoft, Google, Cisco and VMware, have filed a brief backing Facebook’s lawsuit against Israel-based spyware firm NSO Group, which has been accused of hacking into Facebook-owned WhatsApp’s instant messaging app to enable spying by the company’s clients : worldnews

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Several tech giants including Microsoft, Google, Cisco, and VMWare have filed a brief lawsuit against Israel-based spyware company NSO Group, accused of hacking into Facebook's WhatsApp instant messaging app for enable spying by the company's customers.

In a federal civil lawsuit filed in October 2019, Facebook alleged the NSO group developed an exploit that allowed governments to spy on WhatsApp messages from diplomats, journalists, human rights activists and political dissidents.

On Monday, the tech companies and the Washington-based Internet Association filed a brief lawsuit against Facebook demanding damages and an injunction. They found that the spyware tools sold by the NSO Group were "powerful and dangerous".

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