Philippines protests China green light for its coast guard to fire on foreign vessels : worldnews

When has Australia fired on foreign ships?

The problem here is that china claims water that’s already legally claimed by other nations, who are also trying to deal with chinese fishing fleets. This raises the chance of a shootout because one country is removing illegal fishing boats from what is considered their territory by everyone except China.

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Biden’s planned Keystone XL cancellation welcomed by Canadian NDP, Green leaders : worldnews

Not a fan of fossil fuels, but this going back and forth on the XL pipeline isn’t good and even if Biden wins his cancellation the oil will still travel by rail.

The best way to defeat fossil fuels is to keep building solar, wind and geothermal projects and to upgrade the electrical grid.

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B.C. billionaire given the green light to sue Twitter over ‘Pizzagate’ tweets : worldnews

This. So over the whole thing.

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Hundreds of landfills around the UK containing hazardous waste are located beneath green spaces, schools and housing. Experts say authorities are “setting themselves up for a large sequence of nasty surprises” if the toxic substances were to escape. : worldnews

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Hundreds of landfills across the UK containing hazardous waste are located under green spaces, schools and homes. An analysis of official data has shown.

Experts say the definition of hazardous waste has also changed, meaning that some sites that are classified as non-toxic may contain substances that are now considered hazardous.

Of the 413 landfills, the content of which is unknown to the environmental authority, six are under schools and ten under playing fields, 75 under living space and 26 under parkland.

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