80% say Tokyo Olympics should be called off or won’t happen : worldnews

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TOKYO – More than 80% of people in Japan who were surveyed in two polls in the last few days say the Tokyo Olympics should be canceled or postponed, or say they believe the Olympics will not take place.

The results are bad news for Tokyo organizers and the International Olympic Committee as they continue to say the postponed Olympics will open on July 23.Tokyo is battling a surge of COVID-19 cases that prompted the national government last week to call a state of emergency.

ADVERTISEMENT.Japan has controlled the virus relatively well but the surge has heightened skepticism about the need for the Olympics and the danger of potentially bringing 15,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes into the country.

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Antibiotics created superbug at poultry farms in China, study finds. “This is not just a problem for Shandong or China. This could happen right now in many countries around the world.” : worldnews

As long as people eat meat, especially meat from giant factory farming which is the vast majority of meat, there will be new diseases that are increasingly resistant to our antibiotics. In slaughtering billions of animals annually that are pumped full of antibiotics we are literally breeding superbugs around the world.

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Louisville police tell protesters to use sidewalks then call unlawful assembly when that doesn’t happen : worldnews

At Friday’s news conference, an attorney for Taylor’s family, Ben Crump, called on Cameron to release the transcript of the grand jury proceedings. “Breonna Taylor’s entire family is heartbroken … and confused and bewildered, just like all of us, as to what did Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron present to the grand jury,” Crump said at Louisville’s Jefferson Square Park. “Did he present any evidence on Breonna Taylor’s behalf, or did he make a unilateral decision to put his thumb on the scales of justice to help try to exonerate and justify (the killing) by these police officers?” Crump said.

yeah police dont like to release anything that makes them look bad, unless they are forced too..and then it is usually and edited version of whatever event..maybe its time for law enforcement to be a bit more transparent, since faith in them is perhaps at an all time low?

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