U.S. charges MIT professor with grant fraud over hidden Chinese ties : worldnews

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Walmart-exclusive router and others sold on Amazon & eBay contain hidden backdoors to control devices : worldnews

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In a collaboration between CyberNews Sr. Information Security Researcher Mantas Sasnauskas and researchers James Clee and Roni Carta, suspicious backdoors have been discovered in a Chinese-made Jetstream router, sold exclusively at Walmart as their new line of “Affordable” wifi routers.

Besides the Walmart-exclusive Jetstream router, the cybersecurity research team also discovered that low-cost Wavlink routers, normally sold on Amazon or eBay, have similar backdoors.

This is also a very threatening possibility: given the Jetstream/Wavlink router backdoors here, an attacker can take control of not only the router, but also all the devices connected to that network.

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hidden portrait by cheeky mason found in Spain 900 years on : worldnews


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