Romania bans Chinese companies from participating in highway and railway tenders. : worldnews

The memorandum does not specifically provide for the exclusion of Chinese companies from auctions, but rather companies from third countries that have no agreements to enter the European public auction market, but China is one of those countries, according to

May be a translation mistake, but what is the European public auction market?

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Hundreds of agricultural workers were maintaining a blockade of the key Pan-American Highway in the north of Peru on Thursday to protest against the death of three people in clashes with police. The workers are demanding an increase in wages

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Striking Peruvian workers temporarily erected new blockades on the Pan-American Highway on Saturday, a day after they had ended a five-day blockage following the shelving of a controversial agricultural law. “We want to solve the salary issue” : worldnews

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Workers demanding that agro-exporting companies raise their salaries from $ 11 to $ 18 a day used stones, burning tires and an overturned minivan to block the highway.

On Thursday, police opened fire on a group of protesting farm workers, killing a worker in the first labor dispute against President Francisco Sagasti since the centrist politician took office three weeks ago.

"The new blockades are due to the fact that there is still no agreement between the companies and the workers," one of them, Elvis Rodriguez, told AFP. The Panamericana was closed again on Saturday near La Libertad, 490 kilometers north of Liba, according to local media in protest on the anniversary of the death of a 19-year-old worker who died after police wanted to unblock a block.

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