Video captures patient crawling out exit after hospital dismisses pleas for help : worldnews

I will not defend all actions because I do not know all the details.

However, if I had a dollar for every time someone exaggerated an injury to be seen faster or get more medication, I would have retired 16 minutes after receiving my license. I've seen it all, fell, crawled, lay on the floor, faked seizures, bit lip (to simulate coughing up blood), faked paralysis, and friends pretended to be doing compressions. Everyone asks for help, it is my job and that of my colleagues to find the problem and determine if it is an emergency. The staff did not realize that an emergency was occurring. This man watched carefully as she left and she couldn't force him to stay. He was later diagnosed with GBS, which was initially barely visible in the ED. He received an MRI in ED, the clinical gold standard that goes beyond “leg pain”.

With no audio, it's an argument he said she said. She might say, "Sir, can I ask someone to help you, please?" It would be just as plausible as his claim.

I'm tired of nurses and staff being thrown under the bus.

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Hospitals in Brazil Largest Amazon City, Manaus, Run Out of Oxygen; Researcher Says Hospital Beds Became Suffocation Chambers : worldnews

This is an immense tragedy as it is a crime against humanity. Here in Brazil news today was all about this. Everyone is utterly stunned by what is happening. The videos and interviews from people there are monstrous. Don’t go looking for it, it’s dreadful. Heartbreaking. Federal Gov. over here is doing NOTHING about this situation. They even said that “there was nothing to do”. The only help coming their way is donations from random people, donations from youtubers and influencers + other personalities, and Nicholas Maduro, president of Venezuela, whom Brazil’s gov shittalk ALL THE TIME, already sent as much oxygen as they could. It’s on its way as I write this.

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