Indian government builds cement barrigates around Protesting farmers to choke water and food supplies : worldnews

This Modi government is as corrupt as it comes. The government is privatizing everything I have no problem with, but selling it to friends for a few cents for a dollar. These billionaires get richer while the poor lose all protection. Meanwhile, the cheering supporters are worse than the MAGA henchmen

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Molesting Kids Through Their Clothes Not Sexual Assault, Indian Judge Rules : worldnews

For anyone interested in what the court said in their ridiculous verdict.

The judge found that under Pocso sexual assault is defined as a criminal offense in which the act must have been committed with sexual intent and includes touching the private parts of the child or touching the private organ of the accused by the child.

The court also found that under Pocso's regulations, sexual assault includes any other act of sexual intent that involves physical contact without penetration.

“Granted, it is not law enforcement that the defendant removed her top and squeezed her chest. As such, there is no direct physical contact; H. Skin to skin with sexual intent without penetration, ”said Justice Ganediwala.

“Squeezing a child's chest at the age of 12 with no specific details about whether the top was removed or whether his hand stuck into the top and pressed on the chest would not fall under the definition of sexual assault. It would certainly fall under the definition of Section 354 of the IPC, which punishes indignation at a woman's modesty. "

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Indian court rules that groping without removing clothes is not sexual assault : worldnews

Before that takes a life of its own and some of the racist elements get their chance to shine – this judgment wasn't about whether it was a crime or not, but how the crime is defined. The law states that fumbling with clothing equals harassment and peeling + touching. Both are crimes punishable by prison sentences, the latter is obviously tougher (1-5 years versus 3-7 years)

It's like trying to establish the rules of murder versus murder versus manslaughter. The ruling made it illegal to fap clothes

Fwiw personally I have a feeling that touching clothing should be considered for an attack and hopefully they will double check at some point.

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