Study finds that Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro carried out an ‘institutional strategy to spread the coronavirus’ : worldnews

Meanwhile, here at home, our leader, recently voted out, made every effort to render aid to the economy with no concern whatsoever for the populace. That failed administration even admitted advancing a policy of ‘herd immunity’ without the requisite vaccinations to achieve it. Basically the twice impeached president was willing to sacrifice any and all human bodies to keep his presidency sustaining economic boastability to secure an election win.

I can only hope that this particular point in time is a clear repudiation of strongman autocracy, but unfortunately it’s within our nature for some of us to seek a cartoonishly strong father figure leader who seems to fear nothing and acts with impunity. Unfortunately, there’s always a Machiavellian or sociopath or narcissist, or any combination of the above, ready to provide such a disastrous leadership.

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Study finds that Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro carried out an ‘institutional strategy to spread the coronavirus’

Not really a mystery. I get what you mean, but in both places you have a high tolerance for far-right movements for a variety of reasons. The law promotes anti-intellectualism, which creates a perfect petri dish for the uneducated population. All you have to do is follow this road to see where it leads.

Until we break free from greedy men, innocent people will continue to die.

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Thousands of Brazilians have taken to the streets for a second day to call for the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro : worldnews

Heh, it won’t happen. Bolsonaro’s approval is at a record low due to the combined crisis of the mutant Brazilian corona strain and the slow vaccination effort, but it’s still in the 26%-31% range depending on the poll. For sake of comparison, Dilma got to 9% until the Congress decided that ok, it was the right time to take the garbage out.

Also, he has been keeping the “Centrão” (Big Center) block happy in the Congress, and his enemy speaker of the house Rodrigo Maia is going out in a few days, probably to be replaced by Bolsonaro’s candidate, Arthur Lira – and Lira has already said that impeachment is a no-no.

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