China spreading conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was created in US lab and Pfizer vaccine is killing elderly : worldnews

Better still, as an effective totalitarian regime, they can easily order people to do the thing while the West has to ask their people to take it seriously.

And if Crusader Kings taught me anything, let the plague wash through your land early and quickly, and by the time your enemies manage to handle it when it is in full swing, you will be on your feet again and beat them up.

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A German court is due Thursday to deliver its verdict in the trial of a neo-Nazi accused of murdering pro-migration politician Walter Luebcke, a killing that shocked the country and highlighted the growing threat of right-wing extremism

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Award-winning director Bryan Fogel said that his documentary about the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi was shunned by all major global distributors. “The Dissident” focuses on the 2018 killing of Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist and critic of the royal family who wrote for The Washington Post.

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