Leave Hong Kong before it’s too late, say those who now call Britain home : worldnews

I feel like people are misunderstanding the immigrants who will come out of this program. HK is a very lucrative place; Despite Western rhetoric, it still remains a very popular place to work and salaries are among the highest in the world. This also applies to the protests. The HK rich do not leave the city as a whole, even if they do not agree with what is happening there. In this case, you see one of the people who mentioned it (Samson Chan) who doesn't speak English very well. We're talking about HK here, where all of the wealthy youth are fluent in English. Hell, most of the non-wealthy teenagers too. For example, large universities like HKU and HKUST teach in English.

I mention this because I've seen a lot of people selling this to tap into lucrative immigrants (especially when they use it compared to EU immigrants who they don't like) but in reality the population size that is most likely Accepting such an offer would include those who have few connections to HK or who do not benefit from the HK ecosystem at all. By and large, you won't get wealthy HKers who are fluent in English and are full of entrepreneurship.

Those in the UK may advocate this now, but I suspect these feelings will change once they realize that a) the cultural gap between HKers is no less than that between the other groups they disliked at all (Romanians, Poland) etc.) and that b) HKers will compete with them for jobs, just like the other immigrant groups they disliked. The article even mentions how hate crimes against East Asians have increased and while HK people love to converse with the idea that they're better than mainland, it's not that racist Brits pause and ask if they are HKers first before they commit a hate crime.

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