More than 200 Google employees have formed a union, and workers are calling it ‘a long time coming’ after years of turmoil inside the company : worldnews

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The Alphabet Workers Union, named for Google’s parent company, is the first of its kind at Google and is a rare organizing effort for employees at a major tech company.

In the years since, Google employees have publicly criticized the company over issues like Project Dragonfly, a censored search engine Google was designing for the Chinese market; and Project Maven, which worked with the Department of Defense to provide artificial intelligence tools.

In the wake of AWU’s announcement, Google employees across the country are cheering the organizing effort, which software engineer Christopher Schmidt described as “a long time coming.”

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Long Covid Complication Makes People Smell Fish, Sulfur, And Burning : worldnews

“This virus has an affinity for the nerves in the head and in particular, the nerve that controls the sense of smell,” said Kumar. “But it probably affects other nerves too and it affects, we think, neurotransmitters – the mechanisms that send messages to the brain… Some people are reporting hallucinations, sleep disturbances, alterations in hearing. We don’t know exact mechanisms, but we are finding ways to try and help patients recover.”

Some recovering COVID-19 patients are turning to “smell therapy” to try and restore their sense of smell, which Kumar says has some promising early reports as to its efficacy. The UK charity AbScent is centered around such therapies, which it says can help both parosmia and anosmia patients to restore their sense of smell. In collaboration with ENT UK and the British Rhinological Society, they are collating data from thousands of patients with a goal to better understanding the emerging symptoms of long COVID and how best to treat them.

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