Jagtar Singh Johal: British man tortured to sign blank confession in India

You should see how they treat Sikhs in India. As we’re speaking the largest farmer’s protest of all time is happening and they’re trying to black them out. Over 100 old farmers have already died since December and Modi doesn’t even blink an eye. When one of India’s most richest people had a new grandson, the PM went over to congratulate them. When Sikhs are being beaten and dying in the streets of Delhi, his huge propaganda network spews misinformation.

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A Kenyan man was extradited to the United States on Monday to face charges he trafficked rhinoceros horns and elephant ivory worth millions of dollars. Mansur Mohamed Surur is accused of involvement in the illegal poaching of more than 35 rhinoceros and over 100 elephants : worldnews

They are accused of conspiring to smuggle the ivory and rhino horn from a variety of African countries to buyers in the US and Southeast Asia between December 2012 and May 2019.

They concealed the animal parts in pieces of art such as African masks and statues, the New York investigators say.

Surur was arrested by Kenyan authorities in Mombasa in July last year and is due to be formally arraigned before a US judge later Monday.

He has also been charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and heroin distribution. The latter charge can carry a life sentence.

Two of his co-accused, a Liberian and a Guinean, were arrested in 2019, while the fourth remains on the run.

Poaching has caused the population of African elephants to plummet over the past decade, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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