Mexico’s eventual cannabis legalization could create immense change for citizens, global market : worldnews

As someone who lives in a legal state (WA,USA) it really isn’t like that. At first it was super expensive but as production increased prices dropped. It’s actually cheaper than the black market was before legalisation now. If Mexico gets to export I would expect to see prices drop further.(assuming that the US makes it legal at the federal level)

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Mexico City introduced ban on single-use plastics following year-long preparation. Lawmakers passed ban on plastic bags, utensils and other disposable plastic items in 2019, aiming to reduce non-biodegradable plastics and hoping to turn Mexico’s capital into more sustainable city. : worldnews

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Mexico City introduced a ban on single-use plastics on Friday after a year of preparation.

Legislators passed a 2019 ban on plastic bags, utensils and other single-use plastic items to reduce non-biodegradable plastics and transform the Mexican capital into a more sustainable city.

The Environment Minister of Mexico City announced on Twitter on Friday that "Mexico City will be without single-use plastics as of today," and urged people to bring reusable containers with them.

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