BBC News – Glastonbury Festival 2021 axed due to coronavirus : worldnews

Smash / Fuji Rock said:

"We will definitely be hosting the Fuji Rock Festival next August," he says, referring to one of the biggest summer music festivals in Japan. "We don't yet know what form it will take. There may be more local artists than usual. We just know that we will."

Fuji is a kid from Glastonbury, it was raining, muddy, windy and it was cold!

(Fuji-Rock has uploaded their entire range of products to YouTube for free for several years)

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The U.S has asked Australia to scrap proposed laws that will make it the first country in the world to force Facebook and Google to pay for news sourced from local media outlets : worldnews

Fascinating – I would have expected that when Biden took office – he has former Facebook bosses on his transition team. I think we'll see the pressure go up.

For the past several decades, US companies have relied on cheap labor for profit – in special economic zones in countries like Bangladesh – and pressure to maintain that status quo has been lightly applied.

This article suggests that regulation of most online businesses becomes the next similar battlefield (hopefully not literally). How much pressure will the US be able to put on Australia to ensure compliance?

Let's be clear – by aggregating messages produced by other outlets, Facebook can "cut down" other countries' work and present "taken" workers for their own clicks / profits. This is a form of resource extraction.

Should Facebook pay for the resources it extracts in the local economies where the resources come from? I would say yes, but this is relatively unprecedented for US companies around the world.

Time to ask – how much of "international trade commitments" is a loyalty paid to the US?

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