The German Chancellor said that freedom of opinion should not be determined by those running online platforms : worldnews

How did Obama or Bush communicate without Twitter because you know that?

Why did you quote Obama of all people? He was known for pioneering the use of Twitter in election campaigns.

Also, I find Reddit's weird flip-flop to testify to the extent of corporate power over the political process pretty staggering – what do we do if Cambridge Analytica stole the election? Twitter's control of our political process is scary and has no oversight "to" lol it's just a private company, they can just do what they want ".

Where does this argument end? Did Amazon remove you from AWS? Lol just build your own internet. Have you disconnected Mastercard / Visa from your payment systems? Lol just build your own financial architecture.

I mean the hypocrisy on both sides is amazing, from the right "lol it's a private company if you don't want to bake a gay cake then go somewhere else" to their reaction on twitter but from the progressive side it is equally bad.

You should all be goddamn scared, I understand Trump is fucking cruel and tried to stage the shitty coup ever, but the precedent is now set. The illusion that Section 230 and internet platforms are impartial content hosts has been shattered. It won't end. This website welcomes the death of the internet in its current form.

The inability of some people to put their (legitimate) hatred of Trump aside for a second and ponder the consequences of that and think maybe more than 10 minutes into the future is mind-boggling. The unbridled cheer, glee, and hubris only remind me of responding to literally everything the Bush administration did after 9/11.

Edit: I assume that if this precedent is used to remove anti-capitalist, left-wing revolutionary, dissident left-wing individuals / organizations from platforms, this website is going to give a shit. You will lose your mind and suddenly it will be about the overreach of social media platforms and naked interference in the political process. The same people who uncritically welcome this will turn around and not see the connection.

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Fox News won a court case by ‘persuasively’ arguing that no ‘reasonable viewer’ takes Tucker Carlson seriously. Opinion: fox is setting a dangerous legal precedent that lets them actively brainwash their viewers.

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