Egypt Denied an Oxygen Failure Killed Covid Patients. We Found That It Did : worldnews

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Egypt denied that oxygen failure had killed covid patients. We found out that it was.

For many Egyptians, a video offered a rare and uncensored glimpse of the actual coronavirus toll at the height of Egypt's second wave of pandemics.

January 18, 2021 Updated at 6:55 a.m. ET

EL HUSSEINEYA, Egypt – A scream pierced the night from the balcony of an Egyptian hospital. A nurse yelled that patients in the intensive care unit in Covid were gasping for air.

Ahmed Nafei, who was standing outside, passed a security guard, stormed in and saw that his 62-year-old aunt was dead.

Angry, he took out his cell phone and started filming. It appeared that the hospital had run out of oxygen. Monitors beeped. One nurse was clearly distressed and crouched in a corner when her colleagues tried to resuscitate a man with a manual ventilator.

At least four patients died.

A clip from Ahmed Nafei's video shows an Egyptian Covid community in crisis.

As the indignation grew [the government denied the hospital had run out of oxygen.

An official statement released the following day concluded that the four deceased had suffered "complications" and denied that the deaths were "in any way related" to anoxia. Security officers interrogated Mr. Nafei and officials accused him of breaking rules that prohibit visiting and filming in hospitals.

However, an investigation by the New York Times found otherwise.

Witnesses, including medical staff and relatives of patients, said in interviews that oxygen had dropped to steeply low levels. At least three patients, and possibly a fourth, died of lack of oxygen. Thorough analysis of the video by doctors in Egypt and the United States confirmed that the chaotic scene in the I.C.U. indicated an interruption in the oxygen supply.

The fatal lack of oxygen was the end result of a cascade of problems in the hospital, our research found. At the time when the patients in the I.C.U. suffocated, an ordered oxygen release was hours too late and a backup oxygen system had failed.

"We will not bury our heads in the sand and pretend everything is fine," said a doctor at the hospital on condition of anonymity because he feared arrest. "The whole world can admit there is a problem, but not us."

The government's rush to deny the episode is just the latest example of the lack of transparency in [its response to the Covid crisis which has sparked cynicism and distrust of its public assurances.

For many Egyptians, Mr Nafei's video offered a rare and uncensored look at the real toll of the coronavirus at the height of Egypt's second wave of pandemics.

The government admitted that four people died in intensive care that day, Jan. 2, but denied that it was due to a lack of oxygen.

Oxygen bottles in a factory in Cairo this month. The Egyptian government has denied that there is a lack of oxygen in the country's hospitals.

The Ministry of Health's statement stated that the deceased patients were mostly elderly, that they died at different times, and that at least a dozen other patients, including newborns in incubators, were connected to the same oxygen network and unaffected. These factors confirmed “the lack of a link between the deaths and the oxygen starvation allegations.

Medical staff noted that the hospital's oxygen supply was not completely depleted, but said the pressure was dangerously low. In the intensive care unit, it is even worse and not enough to keep the patients alive. I.C.U. Vents might be at the end of the network or the pipeline might have other inefficiencies

Efforts by hospital staff to correct the shortage were thwarted by further mishaps. When they tried to turn on the oxygen supply in the I.C.U. From the hospital's main tank to the reserve, the reserve system appeared to be overloaded and failing.

Earlier in the day, being aware that they were running out, hospital officials had requested more oxygen from the Ministry of Health. But the van that was due in the afternoon was more than three hours late.

“If it had arrived at 6pm, none of this would have happened

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Brazil’s Air Force flies emergency oxygen supplies to the jungle state of Amazonas devastated by a resurgent pandemic while President Jair Bolsonaro says he “should be at the beach.” : worldnews

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5 min Read.MANAUS / BRASILIA – The Brazilian Air Force flew on Friday with oxygen to the jungle state of the Amazon, devastated by a resurgent pandemic, and the government made efforts to organize nationwide vaccinations while President Jair Bolsonaro said he should "am Be the beach ".

Desperate relatives protesting outside hospitals in the state capital, Manaus, said the patients had been removed from the ventilators because they ran out of oxygen.

Officials had planned to move 61 premature babies to incubators out of Manaus, but the move was not ultimately necessary as emergency oxygen supplies were procured.

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