Romania bans Chinese companies from participating in highway and railway tenders. : worldnews

The memorandum does not specifically provide for the exclusion of Chinese companies from auctions, but rather companies from third countries that have no agreements to enter the European public auction market, but China is one of those countries, according to

May be a translation mistake, but what is the European public auction market?

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Omar Alshogre was a teenager when security forces in Syria arrested him for participating in demonstrations. He was imprisoned and tortured. Last month, Alshogre learned he had been accepted to Georgetown University.

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Iranian wrestler has been sentenced to death for participating in anti-government protests. : worldnews

This title is misleading. First, before I say anything this man doesn’t deserve the death penalty or anything that is being levy against.

With that said, he was given the death penalty for murder not for protesting. They claimed he and his brothers were responsible for a security force agent dying during the protest.

Again, I can’t stress this enough I do not agree with the death penalty in anyway. I also do not think this man is guilty in what he is accused of.

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