Guys, I’m sorry if this annoys you. Our country 🇲🇲 is facing a military coup overnight. Military forces all over the major cities (ready to open fire). They’ve shut down all the ISPs and tele operators. I’m posting this with a very limited Fiber network. Hear us, and help us.Now I gotta go.

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Tens of thousands of protesters marched across France Saturday to denounce a security bill critics say would restrict the filming of police and posting images to social media, notably to document cases of police brutality

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Australia demands China apologise for posting ‘repugnant’ fake image : worldnews

Fuck the Xi and his government.

It's incredible to show a totally shitty photo when China has the worst human rights record (just behind Sawdi Arabia).

Australia must fucking get China's money and reclaim all Australian real estate that Chinese companies AND nationals have bought. Let's call it internal security.

Edit: The Chinese government's pangolin-eating shills are out tonight.

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A US man is facing up to two years in jail in Thailand after posting negative reviews of a hotel he stayed in. He was sued by the resort under the country’s strict anti-defamation laws. : worldnews

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This hotel is going to learn a whole lot about a corollary to the Streisand effect that results in a whole lot of negative PR.

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