Palau’s new president vows to stand up to ‘bully’ China : worldnews

Defense think tanks / contractors have talked a lot about Palau, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Belarus. These countries will be the focus of the US State Department during Biden's administration. I think Belarus will be a repeat of the Nuland / Pyatt regime change program in Ukraine. State-owned enterprise privatizations will be delicious for some enterprising Belarusian millionaires. I am thinking of utilities / telecom etc. The next Carlos Slim waiting. Most of the others are china games. But Cambodia has the guys from State Dept. Really pissed off recently when it kicked NED out

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Uganda says president wins 6th term as vote-rigging alleged : worldnews

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KAMPALA, Uganda – Uganda’s electoral commission said Saturday that President Yoweri Museveni won a sixth five-year term, extending his rule to four decades, while top opposition challenger Bobi Wine dismissed “Cooked-up, fraudulent results” and officials struggled to explain how polling results were compiled amid an internet blackout.

The electoral commission said Museveni received 58% of ballots and Wine 34%, and voter turnout was 52%, in a process that the top United States diplomat to Africa called “Fundamentally flawed.”

While the president holds on to power, at least nine of his Cabinet ministers, including the vice president, were voted out in parliamentary elections, many losing to candidates from Wine’s party, local media reported.

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Brazil’s Air Force flies emergency oxygen supplies to the jungle state of Amazonas devastated by a resurgent pandemic while President Jair Bolsonaro says he “should be at the beach.” : worldnews

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5 min Read.MANAUS / BRASILIA – The Brazilian Air Force flew on Friday with oxygen to the jungle state of the Amazon, devastated by a resurgent pandemic, and the government made efforts to organize nationwide vaccinations while President Jair Bolsonaro said he should "am Be the beach ".

Desperate relatives protesting outside hospitals in the state capital, Manaus, said the patients had been removed from the ventilators because they ran out of oxygen.

Officials had planned to move 61 premature babies to incubators out of Manaus, but the move was not ultimately necessary as emergency oxygen supplies were procured.

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Filipino women reacted scornfully to President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement country’s top leadership role was “not for women” because they were emotionally different than men, deriding the 75-year-old for ignoring contributions of women leaders and furthering already-prevalent sexism in country. : worldnews

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Duterte said on a television program Thursday that his own daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara "Inday" Duterte-Carpio, should run for the presidency.

On Duterte's basis, his recent comments on women – including his daughter – running for president "Seems like fatherly advice, they would even look at him and say he was a good father."

Senator Leila de Lima, who won international awards for her campaign against extrajudicial murders in the Philippines but was jailed by Duterte in February 2017 on alleged drug charges, said in a statement released from her prison cell: "Did this Duterte get enough sleep or get it he was bitten by mosquitoes in his mosquito net? Because he attacks women every time he is deprived of sleep. "

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