Elon Musk Gained More Money Than Anyone In The World While Trump Was President : worldnews

I don't think the two are related.

I've had problems with my home plumbing in the past few years. Maybe I can make up a useless article called "Elon Musk has made more money than anyone in the world since I had problems with the toilet in my house." It would be as true and useless as the Forbes article; and both would be full of shit.

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Three Muslim groups refused on Wednesday to back an anti-extremism charter pushed by French officials following a spate of jihadist-inspired attacks, dealing a blow to a flagship initiative of President Emmanuel Macron’s government : worldnews

I dont feel we have enough info to really make a judgment on this one without knowing whats in the document.

On the one hand these objectors are quite likely to be religious conservatives being conservative, but on the other hand France doesnt really have a great track record with its muslim communities so maybe it does have inappropriate passages.

French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), a body set up almost 20 years ago to enable dialogue between the government and the Muslim community, broadly welcomed the charter and five of its eight federations signed on Sunday.

However, the other three groups said on Wednesday they could not join their colleagues.

“We believe that certain passages and formulations in the text submitted are likely to weaken the bonds of trust between the Muslims of France and the nation,” the three groups said in a statement. “Furthermore, some statements are prejudicial to the honour of Muslims, with an accusatory and marginalising tone.”

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