Facebook announced Saturday it has obeyed a Brazilian judge’s order for a worldwide block on the accounts of 12 of President Jair Bolsonaro’s supporters who are under investigation for allegedly running a fake news network.

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President Donald Trump won’t say if Russian bounties came up in Putin call : worldnews

The bounties have been widely discredited by intelligence and military agencies. They were a lie by the NY Times from the start, like Russiagate. I know this isn’t a popular idea, but the simple truth is that the NY Times will accept unverified/unverifiable information from sources they want to remain in relationship with and print those stories without doing any journalistic investigation into their veracity.

Or to put it another way, the CIA feeds lies to the Times, and the Times goes along with it. Its been verified how this happens, the world over. Yes, the Times knowingly spreads propaganda.

The point of the bounties story was most likely to halt the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Germany. It did this, so now the story is being ignored and put to sleep.

We all need to take any significant story reported under conditions of anonymity and with no corroborating evidence with a huge grain of salt.

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