Thousands of people marched through Vienna on Saturday to protest against restrictions on public life designed to curb the coronavirus pandemic holding signs including “Kurz Must Go” and “Make Influenza Great Again”

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Hong Kong public broadcaster chief ‘reminds’ staff not to interview the 53 democrats arrested by national security law : worldnews

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Hong Kong public service broadcaster Leung Ka-wing has advised staff that 53 Democrats arrested this week under the national security law for allegedly participating in a primary organized by the pan-democratic camp last July not to be consulted.

During the meeting, Leung reportedly urged staff not to invite the arrested Democrats for interviews or comment on any subject, while allowing passive reporting on the individuals.

In response to Stand News' request, a spokesman for RTHK said the broadcaster had kindly reminded staff on Thursday morning to be cautious in their reporting, as the number of people arrested was sheer number and bail requests were ambiguous.

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Chinese tech billionaire Jack Ma was removed from his own reality TV show including the judging webpage and has not been seen in public for two months after falling foul of President Xi in anti-regulation speech : worldnews

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Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami says politicians need to help reduce public uncertainty and fear : worldnews

I think we need politicians whose sheer contempt for the vulnerable wasn't made so obvious at first, but then, yes, a good idea.

"Speak honestly – I don't really feel an emotional or moral connection between the documents I sign and the people who die from them. Hey, it makes you feel better!"

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