New Jersey, Arizona approve recreational marijuana, Florida raises minimum wage : worldnews

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4 min read. (Reuters) – Voters in New Jersey and Arizona legalized recreational marijuana Tuesday and approved the country's first therapeutic use in Oregon for psilocybin, the hallucinogenic drug known as magic mushrooms.

While voters in New Jersey and Arizona approved measures to legalize marijuana for recreational use, South Dakota stood ready to approve the drug for both medical and recreational use: its election move seemed on the way to victory with 90 percent of counted counties to be.

MINIMUM WAGE Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment to gradually increase the minimum wage from $ 8.56 an hour to $ 15 by September 30, 2026, according to Edison Research, there is a state law granting them employees, not employees to contractors.

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Germany rejects recreational marijuana legalization bill : worldnews

Before people get their pants in a twist, I’d like to point out that nobody gives a shit about some pot in Germany. If you’re caught with a normal, personal use type of amount, the police won’t even give you a warning. I’ve personally witnessed police officers wishing friends a nice evening with a grin after checking their stash. Oh and he also told them to take care. That’s it.

This isn’t the USA, where weed might have gotten you in jail. The need for liberalisation is astronomically smaller in Germany. It’ll happen at some point, but it’s not a big deal if it doesn’t happen today.

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