A rural Japanese town voted its sole female councillor out of her seat after she accused its mayor of sexual assault. The public referendum over whether she had damaged the town’s reputation highlighted the backlash against women who come forward with allegations of sexual abuse

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French President Emmanuel Macron said Monday he plans to call a referendum on changing the constitution to include a commitment to fight against climate change and for the protection of the environment : worldnews

The Citizen’s Convention is composed of 150 randomly picked members of the public who were tasked by Macron’s centrist government with proposing ways in which France could cut its emissions.

They made a series of practical proposals from reducing speed limits to improving home insulation, but changing the constitution to include the climate commitment and making destroying nature a crime — so-called “ecocide” — topped their list of ideas in June.

Macron formed the council in response to demands for greater “direct democracy” in the wave of the “yellow vest” anti-government protests that rocked the country in 2018 and 2019.

Of the 149 ideas proposed by the Citizen’s Convention, Macron said in June that he would accept 146 of them, which are set to form the basis of a new law.

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